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The Game that Could Have Been

In my last quick post, I explained why yesterday's matchup with Georgetown was one of the biggest of the year.  A win would certainly add to our already-good tourney resume.
What happened, though, was a different story. What was supposed to be a close, dramatic matchup turned out to be a blowout (although the score wasn't indicative of how big that blowout was).  The Hoyas manhandled duke to a point where they couldn't move the ball past the outer arc at all.
Duke could have gotten a great, strong, out-of-conference win and possibly moved into the Top 5 in the polls.  Instead, they will most likely drop to the outer edges of the Top 10, or worse.
The Blue Devils need to figure out how to play on the road.  Every single loss has come in a road game matchup.  The Devils have played stellar at home, now it's time to back that up in other arenas.
Now, all I can think is what Duke would have accomplished had they beaten the Hoyas.
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Georgetown one of the Biggest Games of the Year

One of the biggest factors taken into consideration on Selection Sunday for the NCAA Tournament is out-of-conference wins.  Duke has some good ones against Gonzaga and UConn, among others.
But they have the potential to add to that resume this Saturday with a big matchup against Georgetown.  The Hoyas are Big East contenders, and they will be hungry for a win after a disappointing loss to Syracuse earlier in the week.
Duke is looking for its second road win, after they got their first against Clemson last week.  
This is a huge game in all respects for the Blue Devils.  If they can get this big win out of conference, it will most certainly tell our direction for the rest of the season, and our seeding in the NCAA Tournament.
And on a side note, it is reported that President Barack Obama will be in attendance during the Duke-Georgetown game.
Tune in to CBS tomorrow at 1 pm to catch the game live.
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Singler Getting Back on Track?

My last entry was entitled "Kyle Singler, Where are You?"  He may have answered that call against Wake Forest last Sunday.

Kyle posted a double-double, with 21 points and 15 rebounds.  He was lackluster in the first half, but surged back in the 2nd and was instrumental in the 20 point thumping of Wake Forest.  Sure, he did miss a lot of shots that the Plumlees cleaned up, but still, he had arguably his best game of the season, and it looks like he may be getting back on track.

Duke certainly needs him if they hope to win the ACC and go deep in the tournament.  He is a great player, and he could be critical near the end of the season.

I sure hope he's getting back on track, and it looks like he is.

Other News

Duke vs. Clemson this Saturday will be the College Gameday live broadcast on ESPN.  Duke looks to get a win at one of the hardest arenas in college basketball, Littlejohn Coliseum.  As you probably know, Duke has already beat the Tigers this year by 21 points, but this game looks like it will be much closer than the game at Duke in early January.

Posted on: January 12, 2010 7:46 pm

Kyle Singler, Where are You?

Kyle Singler, a pre-season all-american and acc poy, where are you?
Kyle Singler was expected to be the leader of the Duke team this year.  He was supposed to have NBA talk after the season.  He was supposed to be a National Player of the Year candidate, he was supposed...
It turns out Jon Scheyer has been the leader of the Duke team this year.  It turns out that NBA talk is non-existent with his level of play right now.  He's nowhere near the title of National Player of the Year.
Where has Singler been?  He has been a non-factor at best, taking (and missing) bad shots and not playing great defense, not making great rebounding numbers.
He is obviously in a slump.  I sure hope he gets out of it, because in my opinion, Duke might just be a Final Four contender if he surges in the ACC season.  He is a key part of this year's team, and he must pick it up if Duke wants to go far in March.  
If he jumps out of the slump, the ACC POY, National POY, leader of the team talk might just start back up again.  Let's hope that Kyle Singler gets back on track
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Posted on: January 2, 2010 10:59 am
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Terrence Ross and Duke Recruiting

--Well, we've found someone who could be the most hated person by the Maryland basketball fanbase.
--I'm talking about Terrence Ross, a nationally known recruit who was committed to playing at Maryland next year.  Note the keyword there "was".  Ross recently de-committed from the Terrapins in favor to open his recruiting back up to the open market.  Maryland is still an option for Terrence Ross, who is ranked 39th in the ESPN Top100.
--However, it will be quite tough to lure Ross back to Maryland.  His current options are Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, and Maryland.  To be honest, who would choose Maryland out of that list? (I know I wouldn't).
--Rumors have been flying everywhere.  Some of the more popular ones have been that Coach K is a dirty rotten recruit stealer, or that Nike is behind his move away from an UnderArmour school.  No one knows what's actually true, but the situation is very intriguing.
--Duke has been reported as very high on his list, and why wouldn't it be?  Undoubtedly though, if Ross were to come to Duke, he would be the most hated player in the history ofMaryland basketball.
--Terrence Ross would solidify an already spectacular 2010 recruiting class from the Blue Devils, including Kyrie Irving and Joshua Hairston.  Roscoe Smith is also considering Duke, but there are no new developments on his recruiting trail.
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I have been strictly writing about college basketball on this blog, but now I am the  co-writer of a new blog about all sports.

The new blog is called Clay and Clay.  It is still in the beginning stages, but here is a link: 

Coming entries on Clay and Clay include a World Series preview, a college basketball preview, and NBA news and scores.

We will write on this blog daily, so check back often!

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The Season is Right Around the Corner!

The college basketball season is almost here, and I know that both you and I can hardly wait!

I'm still sticking to my previous Top 10.  Kansas is truly the most talented team in the country.  I see Cole Aldrich as the National Player of the Year this year.  He is very talented and dominant in the post.  My pick for the best conference is the Big 12.  Texas and Kansas will lead the way with this deep league.  My usual pick for the best conference, the ACC, doesn't have the talent and the depth to challenge other conferences such as the Big 12 and Big 10.  I think this may be the year that the Big 10 breaks through in the heavily lopsided ACC-Big 10 challenge (which the ACC has won every single time). 

I think the natonal champion will be either from the Big 12 and Big 10.

Here are my picks for the major conferences in the country:

ACC: Duke
Big 12: Kansas
Big 10: Villanova
Big East: UConn.

My player of the year choice is Cole Aldrich. 
My Rookie of the Year choice is John Wall (who in my opinion will be out of college basketball after this season).

Also, I will be a part of a new blog on Wordpress named Clay and Clay.  Look for a link in the coming days to this new blog.  It will be about all things sports, from the MLB to the NBA to the NCAA.  Follow me on Twitter for updates to this blog.  My username on Twitter is Ben_clayandclay.  Also, follow my new blog partner, Tom_clayandclay.

Thanks for reading.  That's all for now from College Basketball Daily.  Once again, look for links to my new Wordpress blog, Clay and Clay.
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Posted on: October 18, 2009 1:05 pm

Until the Season Starts....

I have predicted just about everything I can, including team previews, a Top 10, my Tournament Predictions, and an ACC Preview.  I'm going to take a little break, and I will start posting againv when the season starts (or if there is some major news).  See you in a few weeks or so!

Thats all for now from College Basketball Daily
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