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The Game that Could Have Been

Posted on: January 31, 2010 11:37 am
In my last quick post, I explained why yesterday's matchup with Georgetown was one of the biggest of the year.  A win would certainly add to our already-good tourney resume.
What happened, though, was a different story. What was supposed to be a close, dramatic matchup turned out to be a blowout (although the score wasn't indicative of how big that blowout was).  The Hoyas manhandled duke to a point where they couldn't move the ball past the outer arc at all.
Duke could have gotten a great, strong, out-of-conference win and possibly moved into the Top 5 in the polls.  Instead, they will most likely drop to the outer edges of the Top 10, or worse.
The Blue Devils need to figure out how to play on the road.  Every single loss has come in a road game matchup.  The Devils have played stellar at home, now it's time to back that up in other arenas.
Now, all I can think is what Duke would have accomplished had they beaten the Hoyas.
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